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Boy Mom Shares How Wrong She Was for Being Scared Her Sons Wouldn’t Be Sweet to Her

They are beyond loving.

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Before becoming parents and finding out the truth for themselves, plenty of people have their own misconceptions of what raising a boy or a girl is like. Based on the stereotypes, people might think that little girls are sweet and calm, and that little boys are pure chaos. And while that might be true for some kids, most moms will find out that their children don't fit into any stereotype box at all. 

That's what led to one mom on TikTok believing that having all boys wouldn't be the sweet motherhood experience she was hoping for, but luckily, she was proven wrong. The clips in this video are all the evidence we need to see that raising little boys is full of some of the most adorable moments. 

"I was scared having only boys would mean they wouldn't be sweet to me," she confessed at the beginning of the video. 

Then, she shared a series of clips of her sons being so considerate of their mama. Asking how she was doing while they were on a boat together, giving her kisses, surprising her with flowers when they came in from playing outside. There were all kinds of cuddles, laughter, and sweet words to be shared — more than we could ever possibly list, and we know this isn't every adorable moment this family has had together! 

Our favorite clip was when everyone — sons and dad included — gushed over what a "hot mama" she was when she walked in the room all dressed up. Talk about making her feel special!

Fellow boy moms in the comments were loving this. 

"Love this so much. Being a boy mom is literally my favorite thing in the world! So special!" one wrote. 

Boy or girl, the love your child has for you will overwhelm you in the best ways sometimes. This is one lucky mama.