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Sister “Tests” 3 Brothers By Telling Them She’s Sad to See How Fast They Responded

They passed.

Siblings. They might spend their entire childhoods trying to beat each other up, but when the chips are down, you know they've got each other's backs. These lifelong bonds are there when times are good or bad. Some siblings are especially super great about stepping up whenever there's the slightest thing wrong.

In this video from @faizainam, we see those sibling bonds lasting into adulthood. The creator of the video decided she'd text each of her brothers, telling them she was sad, to see how quickly they responded.

Long story short? They responded pretty quickly!


What amazing brothers! They were all willing to stop whatever they were doing to check in with their sister and do whatever was necessary to make her feel better, even if that involved twerking. How could anyone stay sad for long with this crew just a phone call away?

Commenters were so moved by this lovely family...
"A brother who twerks for you has the most love"
"You’re a lucky girl. Envy you (in a good way)"
"I love them!! Especially the first one."
"The twerking raises him to at least 2nd place…maybe 1st"
"I have 5 kids and hope they are like this as they grow up"
"where can I send my sister in law application?"
"How sweet they all care very much!"
"I am freaking sad now!!!! Who has so many dead gorgeous people in one family???? Arrrrggghhh! X"

The parents of these siblings did a great job in fostering closer relationships between their children, and now they have each other to depend on for support.