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Mom Captures Moment Dad Learns Grandson Is Named After Him

The man was too stunned to speak.

When picking out the perfect name for a baby-to-be, many parents decide to choose family names or names that honor someone they love. Sometimes, that person has passed away, but other times, this decision comes with the fun prospect of telling that person they officially have a namesake. It's almost always an emotional moment! 

One woman decided to name her baby after her father, and she shared his reaction when she told him the news after her son was born. He was coming to meet the baby for the first time in the hospital when he found out, and fair warning: you're probably going to cry watching this!


As this new mama explained, all of his children are girls, so nobody has never been named after him before, making this extra special for him. He walked into the hospital room and saw the baby's name on a sign, and watching him process what it meant when he saw that his grandson's middle name was his name is everything. This man went through just about every emotion under the sun in that moment! 

At first, he was totally trying not to cry, but he couldn't help it. Not that we could blame him — if there was ever a time to cry, it was this moment.

So many people in the comments were touched by this. "You can see the moment he melted, so sweet!" one person wrote.

It seems like this grandson and his grandpa are going to have a very special bond. We think we found his favorite grandchild!