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Watch Little Girl’s Reaction to Getting Custom Wig After Losing Hair to Alopecia

Her face says it all

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Some kids are born with such struggles to deal with, and it seems so unfair. In an ideal world, all kids would have all the opportunities and health and everything they needed to have an amazing life.

There are some children who have huge challenges to deal with, though, and watching them overcome these challenges is a truly beautiful thing. In this touching video from @wigsbytiffani, we see a little girl who lost her hair due to alopecia getting a wig for the first time, and it's so special.

"9 year old Lila hasn't seen herself with hair in years due to alopecia," the creator wrote. "Her reaction is priceless."

It truly is. She looks so happy with what she sees in the mirror, and the way she touches her can tell she's super happy with herself. Which is just so unbelievably sweet. It's hard to imagine just how different and self-conscious a child dealing with baldness might feel. 

Commenters were so happy for this child in her happy moment. 

"Her reaction was so priceless!"
"I don't think she was expecting it to look so realistic lol so cute"
"as someone who has dealt with alopecia nearly half my life, this makes me tear up"
"i am so happy for this beautiful angel"
"This is amazing. Thank you for making these kids smile again"

Of course, this little girl and so many others like her are just as beautiful without their hair, and hopefully they know that. But they deserve to feel normal and like they fit in, too, and a stunning wig can go a long way in making that happen.

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