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Mom Secretly Captures Daddy/Daughter Moment That’ll Make Your Ovaries Hurt

Do not watch this if you have “baby fever.”

There's absolutely no arguing that the relationship that a mother has with her daughter is unlike any other, but daddy/daughter relationships are so special, too. Not only is it important for Dad to provide that sense of security (and a role model for what she should look for in a partner someday), but he can be a lot of fun, too. Sometimes, Dad will let you get away with things that Mom just won't! 

One mom managed to capture the perfect example of a sweet daddy/daughter moment on TikTok in her on family, and we're so glad this video exists. Just one small warning, though: If you're trying to avoid getting baby fever right now, you might want to proceed with caution! 


In the video, Mom's hiding in the corner of the nursery while recording, which helped her capture a truly candid moment between this dad and his baby girl. She looks to be under a year old — some of the cutest months in a kid's life, honestly — and she's giggling away as her dad reads her a story. 

Her dad is being silly, and she's totally cracking up at him, and we can tell by the look on his face that he's loving it, too. The way she looks at him! OMG!  

If you're in your feelings about this, you're in good company, because so are a lot of people who commented on the video.

"Stop please my husband says we have to stop at 3!" one mom wrote.

Maybe having another baby isn't such a bad idea. Who could pass up these giggles?!