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Newborn Has Sweetest Reaction to Seeing Great-Grandmom’s Picture

Apparently she smiles at it all the time.

When welcoming a new baby into the family, it can be heartbreaking to think about the relatives they'll never get to meet who passed away before their birth. But the concept of guardian angels is also something a lot of people believe in, and some even have theories that the babies got to meet those who are no longer with us before they made their way into the world.

Case in point: This baby girl, who seems to recognize her great-grandma even though they've never met. In this video, a dad is recording his daughter, smiling at a photo of her hanging on the wall — her focus is unreal!


"It's moments like this that show me she knows her great GB," Dad wrote in the video. "I have no doubt that GB gave Hadley all the hugs and kisses before she got to us." 

Of course, Hadley isn't the only baby who has exhibited this kind of behavior. Another person wrote in the comments, "I had a dream that my grandpa that passed in 2002 asked me 'Do you know why you were in labor so long? I didn’t want to stop holding her.'" 

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Another added, "My daughter was 6 months old when my grandma passed and she would always look past me and smile." 

We're not crying, you're crying!

This video is so sweet, and it's so nice to think of our loved ones caring for our babies before they ever arrive to us. We're sure Hadley's dad can't wait to share this story with her when she's older.

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