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Baby Hysterically Loses It Over Mom Peeling Sweet Potatoes

Who needs toys?

You just never know what's going to make a baby laugh. Parents go to great lengths (and great expense) trying to make their babies chuckle, whether through toys or songs or funny faces...and at the end of the day, something totally random will get the job done. That unpredictable nature makes baby laughter all the more magical, not to mention hilarious. Take the baby in this video from @mentalli_unwell, for example. No doubt this sweet little girl has a playroom full of cute toys to make her giggle, but what tickles her funny bone? The giant sweet potato her mom is peeling. 


That little smile!! And the sound of that laugh, omg. Is there anything cuter? That funny little baby is just downright delighted by sweet potatoes. Is it the peeling motion that gets her? The fact that they're Does it make her think of something else, like a funny Muppet? Alas, being that this baby is pre-verbal, we'll never really know why she thinks sweet potatoes are so funny. We can just be thankful that she does, because this footage is so cute you have to watch it multiple times. Commenters were totally charmed, with some of them imagining what the baby might be visualizing:
"in her eyes you're waving a black wand and changing the colour of the potato lmao" "Omg her laugh reminds me of elmo that's so cute"
"not me thinking it's like sausage party n she's able to see the other dimension n is laughing at the sweet potatoes pain" 
Who knows what that adorable baby is really laughing about? Maybe she can see something the rest of us don't. Here's hoping she keeps on laughing over funny foods for a long time to come.