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Mom’s Blind Son Gets Christmas Miracle When Santa Is Able to Read His Braille Letter

Two seconds in and you’ll be sobbing.

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Raising children can be a very hard task in itself, but when you're raising a child who is experiencing something like blindness, parenting comes with a lot of challenges that other families probably aren't facing. Teaching your child how to navigate the world in a way that makes sense for them doesn't come easy to anyone, and more than anything, all parents want their children to feel heard and like they belong. Barriers like a loss of vision can really make it hard to reach that goal, though.

But for one little boy who is blind and uses Braille to communicate, getting his letter to the right Santa Claus made all the difference. And watching him find out that Santa can read Braille in this TikTok video his mom shared is exactly why it's so important that all kids are able to have representation in the world.

As this mom shared in the video, her son loves writing a letter to Santa each year, and since he uses Braille, that's how he writes those letters, too. When they went to visit the big guy, he wasn't sure if he should bring his letters, not knowing for sure if Santa could read Braille or not. 

So imagine his surprise when he walked up to Santa, handed him his letter, and Santa started reading it out loud. That had to be such a special moment for him — and that grin on his face in the picture they took during their visit really does say it all. 

"Ashton is 11 years old and I think the reason why he still believes in Santa is because he has such a big and beautiful heart," Mom wrote. "I don’t know if next year he’ll still believe in Santa so I had to document this beautiful moment of Christmas magic that we’ll never forget." 

We know this is a memory he'll keep with him forever. How special that this Santa was able to make this dream come true for him. 

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