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Little Niece Gives the Sweetest Speech at Her Aunts’ Wedding

She’s so brave!

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Public speaking is something that many adults will avoid at all costs, but sometimes — especially during big family events like weddings — we just have to suck it up and do it. We don't want to let the people we love down, of course! Knowing how tough it can be to speak in front of a big group of people, when a kid decides that they are going to be the one to make a speech, we're extra impressed.

One woman recently took to TikTok to share a clip of her niece speaking at her wedding ceremony, and not only does this little girl have guts, but she also managed to give the most adorable, sweetest speech ever. Not even momentarily forgetting what she was supposed to say got her down! 

Looking super cute in her white dress and flower crown, it looks like this kiddo didn't hesitate at all to speak in front of everyone attending this wedding. Though we do suspect she likely had a bit of help with her speech, it definitely sounds like she contributed all the parts that matter most — like when she shared her favorite things about spending time with each of her aunties. Can you believe she's only five years old? 

After telling everyone in attendance that she's known both of these ladies for her entire life, she shared that she loves Auntie BB's beautiful singing voice and her style (cue sassy finger snap) and that her favorite things to do with Auntie Hils are playing tag and doing cheer routines.

But the best part was the end, when she announced, "let's get these aunties married!" before throwing flower petals in the air to celebrate.

This little lady deserved all that applause! Not only did she do a great job, but there's no doubt this was the greatest wedding gift she could have given her aunties.