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Mom Shares Adorable Reason She Changed Her Mind About Having a Second Baby

We'd change our minds too!

It goes without saying that it's a big decision to have a second child, especially when you feel like you're just getting the hang of being a parent to your first. A lot changes when you add another kid into the mix, and things do get a bit more stressful around the house. Not to mention the fact that once that second kid is there, there's no going back! 

Plenty of parents struggle with making this decision while growing their families, and there's one mom on TikTok who can relate. But ultimately, she changed her mind and decided to have a second baby for the most adorable reason in the world.


Mom wanted to explain why she changed her mind in the video, and she did so by sharing a clip of her son preparing to be the best big brother ever before the baby even arrived. He's playing by himself next to his play kitchen, where he put carrots aside for the little one. 

"I cut them up so he wouldn't choke," he said.

Later, he was dusting his playroom and said, "I'm making it nice and shiny for baby magic to come, so he doesn't get all dirty pajamas." 

Oh, this little guy was born to be a big brother — how could anyone witness this kind of behavior and not change their minds? 

His future little brother or sister is going to be so lucky to have him. He's the cutest!