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The Pure Joy of Watching Toddler Discover a Toad In His Pocket Is Just the Dopamine You Need

We all needed this, too.

For those who have kids who love animals, you already know there is simply nothing like the joy on their face when they get to see one of their favorite creatures up close. Sometimes, that happens at the petting zoo, but every once in awhile, it also happens in your backyard. Squirrels, lizards, frogs... depending on where you live, you might see all kinds of animals right outside your house.

If you love cute kids, animals, and need a little pick me up, boy, is this TikTok video for you! A toddler discovered that there was a toad in the bib pocket of his overalls, and the pure joy on his face truly does need to be witnessed by everyone.


At first, he was a little confused about what was happening, but then, when he realized it was a toad jumping out of his pocket, that expression of confusion turned to one of true explosive happiness. Those little giggles are everything, and we love that the toad wasn't scared and just continued to hang out there with his new buddy! 

Needless to say, people who came across this video on their For You Page are totally eating this up. This little boy managed to make so many people's days and he doesn't even know it! 

"The amount of serotonin this brought me is unmatched," one person wrote, with another adding that this is giving major Little Rascals vibes. 

How perfect that this moment was captured on video for this family to look back on forever. Here's hoping he's an animal lover for life!