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Mom Explains Why She Never Got Her Tattoos Filled In and It’s the Cutest Reason ever

She legit dreamed of this moment.

It's pretty common for parents to have tattoos these days — after all, they might have kids, but they're still human beings. And while plenty of people have dedicated their tattoos to their children, we can't think of anyone who had the foresight to plan for their future kids to enjoy their ink quite like this. 

One mom on TikTok showed off her beautiful flower tattoos, which are all in black ink only. She never got them filled in, and as it turns out, it was because she was playing the long game in planning for her future children to get as much joy from her tattoos as she did herself.


This mom answers the question "why didn't you get your tattoo colored in?" by showing off the proof: She wanted to leave it as an outline, so that her kids could eventually color it in with markers. Too cute!

"I've waited a very long time for this moment," she wrote. "I got this tattoo a year before I became a mommy." 

Seeing the colorful end result and the proud look on her daughter's face when her artwork was complete is proof that it was worth the wait, and commenters on the video seemed to agree.

"You're her own coloring book. She did so good with the coloring," one user commented.

Others added that their own parents had let them do the same thing when they were younger, and they seem to have happy memories of it.

Maybe one day, this mama will get the colors her daughter chose permanently inked on her skin... but for now, it looks like she's having a great time being a human coloring book.