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Teacher Gives Students Unique Art Assignment Where They Get To Create Her Nail Design

And her nail tech decides the winner!

Teachers are truly some of the most magical humans on this earth. The way that they connect with their students and draw them in is awe-inspiring. When they can make that connection in unconventional ways, it feels almost magical.

Which is probably why so many people are loving this teacher’s really fun and adorable project that gives her class some creative freedom.


Using a simple print-out, she challenges her students to design her nails for the next few weeks. She then hands all of them over to her nail tech and she chooses the winner. Next she makes the design happen and come to life. One of her lucky students gets design bragging rights for the school year. 

The kids absolutely rose to the challenge and created some really cute designs. And in the end, the “winner” is a summer nail design classic. 

“You might have inadvertently given the winner the confidence to continue to design things!! I love that,” wrote one TikTok fan

While others had some suggestions on what to do with all of the designs. 

“You should do this at the beginning of the year and every time you go get a different student so they all feel special,” suggested one person. 

“She should hang them all on the wall of the salon, and clients can pick one out,” suggested another. 

All in all, this was an incredibly sweet project and we can’t wait to see what else she cooks up for her classroom.