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Young Student Runs Into Her Favorite Teacher Out In the “Wild” and Her Face Says It All

She was so happy to see him!

There's something that happens almost universally among young children when they see their teachers outside of school...they're totally freaked out. Like...wait, you continue to exist outside of class? It's not uncommon for little kids to think their teachers live at school, and it's impossible for them to imagine their teachers doing anything other than teaching, even waiting in line at the store. 

You can see this whole process happening with the little girl in @christinaabiola's video. She's in line at what looks to be some sort of fast food-ish type place when she sees one of the teachers from her school in line beside her. And it's pretty much the same as if an adult suddenly realized they were waiting in line next to their favorite celebrity...she is star struck, to be sure. 


The way she slowly walks up with that super excited but also really shy look on her face...and then puts her arms up to be held...and then he picks her up for the sweetest hug ever! This video is basically proof that teachers make a difference in kids' lives and that teachers really mean a lot to kids. And how great must it have made that teacher feel to be greeted with a reaction like that? That mom never has to worry about her kid being happy at school...she's clearly well taken care of by her teachers. 

Commenters just couldn't get over how cute the whole thing was:
"Why is that little look back she does the CUTEST THING IVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFEEEE"
"Ohhhh you can tell he’s the type of teacher who makes a difference!"
"her little reach for him. sooo cute"
"I teach preschool and my kids don't know how to act when they see me in public.they literally think I live at school.1 asked me where my bed is"
"My students will talk my ear off all day and I’ll know everything about their life. But when they see me outside of school it’s just shyness"

It's an experience everyone can relate to!