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Teacher Has Brilliant Ideas To Help Kids Eat Their Lunch In Time

This is genius

If you've ever had a young child in school, you've probably opened a lunch box at the end of the day to find a mostly uneaten sandwich and an apple with two bites out of it. The excuse is almost always the same: "But I didn't have time to eat it!" Unfortunately, that's often true; kids don't get a ton of time to eat their lunch at school, and by the time little kids get everything open and ready they don't have much time left. That's what makes this video from @ms.craft_kindergarten so helpful. 


What a simple but crucial idea: Practice opening packages and containers! If you're a parent, you know how often kids just automatically hand over a bag or juice box or thermos or whatever else and expect you to open it or put in the straw. When they're at school and you're not there to do all that opening for them, they're going to struggle to get it done by themselves...and it's going to take them a long time. Teachers like this poster see this every day, and they know what needs to be done. Commenters were totally appreciative of the advice, but still super frustrated that kids have so little time to eat. Some parents even cited lack of lunch time as one of the reasons they turned to homeschooling.
"How about parents demand a reasonable lunch time, make it longer for Kinders the first 1/2 the year. Sorry, bitter former teacher turned HS mom here," wrote one commenter.
"Then you know, due to overcrowding, time is an issue in public schools," responded the poster. 
It's definitely a difficult situation, but the best we can do until things change is make sure our kids are as prepared as they can be, and this video will definitely help prepare kids!