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Tearful Dad Sends Beautiful Message to Ms. Rachel and Gets Best Surprise Ever

People are honestly much better than we give them credit for.

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If you have a toddler or a baby, chances are very good that Ms. Rachel is basically a celebrity in your home. Known for her YouTube channel, Songs For Littles, Ms. Rachel creates entertaining and educational videos for little ones to watch and learn from, focusing on teaching them their first words with speech and sign language. And best of all, she seems to be an absolute angel in real life. 

In case you need proof of that last part, this TikTok video ought to do it. One dad shared an emotional video about what discovering Ms. Rachel's videos has done for his family, and it's impossible not to shed a tear ourselves while watching this.  

Through tears, Dad explained that he has four children, the youngest one being 3 years old, and he's been trying to be a good dad while overcoming the trauma he still lives with from his own childhood. He's been going through a hard time these days while his business is struggling and that means he's had to be away from his kids more than he'd like, but when he finally did get to spend time with them, he put on a video from Ms. Rachel for them to watch together.

"It gave me a really good moment to sing with my kids, songs that I grew up on, and it got them involved," he said. "And I just wanna tell you that it was amazing for me and I started crying with them — not that they saw it — but thank you for that moment this morning. It meant more than you know." 

After seeing the video, Ms. Rachel herself commented, writing, "You ARE a good dad. I can tell how much you love them! I’m so happy the show brought your family joy. How can we all support your business?"

How sweet of her to watch and try to help. This dad is doing a great job, and we hope that brighter days are on the way for him soon. We know those memories he's making with his kids are priceless. 

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