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Teen’s Reaction to First Birthday Cake Ever Will Have You Crying Tears of Joy

We felt that hug.

For most of us, birthday cakes are no big deal — though they're definitely something we look forward to every year (and make us feel better about getting older). But for some people, they symbolize so much more, especially if their childhood birthdays weren't the celebrations they hoped they'd be.

One of those situations recently played out in a TikTok video shared by an adoptive mom who got her teen a birthday cake for the very first time. Never in his life had he been able to blow out candles on his special day, and his reaction to finally getting to do it is beautiful. 

Warning: You might cry watching this.


We can see the pure joy on James' face as he's presented the birthday cake, but the moment he jumped up to hug his mom out of sheer gratitude was what really got us in the heart.

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"The most intense hug I’ve ever had. I could feel his joy, his gratitude, his hope, his love, his everything. It was all there wrapped around me. Lucky me," she wrote in the caption of the video.

Even after that sweet hug was over, James was in tears as he blew out his candles. Such an amazing moment for this family to share together!

There's no doubt this memory will be a special one for them.

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