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Teen Girl “Scolds” Mom for Being Out Too Late

See, not all teenagers hate their moms!

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When we think of teenagers and their parents, we tend to think of parents giving their teens a hard time about missing curfew. (Well, that's one of the things we might think of, anyway.) Teens are the ones who are supposed to be having so much fun that they forget what time it is and that they're supposed to be home. 

But in this video from @alwaysfelicia, the tables have turned. A mom had the audacity to stay out all night, and her teen daughter is just not having it. It was 2 in the morning and her mother wasn't home yet! This mom is about to get a lecture. 

So funny! And also so sweet, that she actually missed her mom. It's totally understandable. You're used to your mom being home in bed, waiting for you to come home. That's the way it's supposed to be, right? Except parents deserve to have a good time, too, especially when they're older and their kids are teenagers and they've been chasing after little kids for years and maybe deserve a break. 

Commenters loved this interaction...
"You've succeeded as 'the perfect mom' I hope I can do what you've done as a mother someday"
"Phones 800+, clothes$$$, Chick-fil-A $$$, 'Who am I supposed to talk to?' priceless"
"that's so cute, the aggressively missing you sent me"
"My 15yo son wouldn't admit to it, but this is so him. I've I'm gone longer than I said I'd be, he's calling to ask where I am or calling to chat"

One thing's for sure, if your teenager is "aggressively missing you," you've definitely done something right as a parent.