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Teen Has a Tough Time Getting Her Parents to Learn a Dance

They'll get it.

It's always a blast when teenagers decide to open up their world to their parents to teach them about some new trend, especially when that trend is a dance for a TikTok video and your parents have a little bit of trouble focusing. 

In this video from @olivemannella, the teen announces,"We are back with another segment of 'teaching my parents how to dance," although there's not a whole lot of technical "dancing" that happens after that. 


To be fair, the teen is really trying to pull the lesson together and get her parents on point, but they're just not the greatest at focusing on dance steps. Are they paying her back secretly for years of misheard directions? Hard to say. But those parents are definitely not getting the intricacies of the dance down. They kind of get it? But then somebody puts their own flourish on something or tries some little extra twist, and they're off-track again.

Commenters were totally amused by the teen's parents, even if they didn't get the dance: 
"I will now identify as a “physiological first born” that explanation was perfect"
“He’s not taking class seriously” 
"Your parents are Phil and Claire Dunphy in real life and I am LIVING for it"
"“Demogorgan Demogorgan Millie Bobby Brown” only way I will refer to & remember those dance moves now"
Better than being the perfect dancers, this teen's parents are perfectly entertaining. And they'll definitely get a dance figured out one of these days.