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Mom Hilariously ‘Recreates’ Step-Dad’s Reaction to Learning She Was Pregnant At 18

We’re so glad they can laugh about it now.

Telling someone they're going to be a grandparent for the first time can be a really joyful experience... unless you're a teenager and the pregnancy was totally unplanned. Even those willing to embrace the curve balls that life throws them can dread filling their parents in on what has happened, knowing how they might react to the news, and telling dads and step-dads they're about to become a grandpa can be particularly stressful situation.

Take this mom, who just reenacted the way she told her "boomer step-dad" that she was pregnant at 18 years old for her audience on TikTok. In the skit, she played the step-dad as he received the news, and went through just about every emotion someone could have after being told something like this by their child.


In her version of the story, at first, he was upset — supportive, but upset. Then, he cycled around to hoping that the baby would be a boy and trying to figure out what grandpa name he wanted to go by (he seems to have settled on Pop Pop, for the record). 

By the end, he was offering up hugs and proclaiming this was "good news." He really went through it, but he got where he needed to go in the end! 

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According to the mom, Pop Pop did get his wish and ended up with a grandson of his very own, and it sounds like they're all living happily ever after. 

This definitely had to be a scary conversation, but good for even this boomer step-dad for being there for his step-daughter when she needed him the most. So sweet! 

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