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This Text War Between a Niece and Her Aunt’s Boyfriend Will Make Your Entire Day

It escalates SO quickly...

There's nothing better than welcoming a new person into your family who loves everyone in it as much as you do... including the littlest members. Dating isn't easy, but as one woman found out, it would lead her to find out that her boyfriend and her niece could have the sassiest conversation via text that ended up being so entertaining it went viral! 

In a video that's received over 560k likes, we get to witness the story of a little girl who accidentally left some of her stuff at her aunt's house, which her aunt's BF ended up using. They duked it out in videos they sent back and forth in their text messages, and now, we get to witness the hilarity.


The exchange starts out with the little girl sending a video of herself being very angry, only to receive a more casual reply from her aunt's BF, Austin, as he tries on her sunglasses. She doesn't take this lying down, and threatens to bring her cats over to his house and eat all of his food... and the battle goes on and on from there. LOL!

At one point the little girl gets a microphone to record a diss track about Austin, and that made him pull out his secret weapon: He also had her new notebook that she'd left behind! 

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The saddest part of the video is how she reacted to that diss, but you have to see it to believe it. Are we bad people if we're laughing at this? 

This little one definitely learned a lesson about making sure she has all her stuff with her when she leaves. Watch out for Austin — he's not messing around! 

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