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Dad Surprises Toddler With Flowers and Her Reaction Is Golden

Just look at that thankful little face!

There's nothing cuter than a dad who loves to spoil his little girl. Some dads even have a long-term plan: Spoil that little girl now as much as you can so her standards for men will be super high later. It pretty much makes sense...if daddy is the sweetest guy ever, she'll expect the same treatment from other men in her life. 

That's what seems to be going on in this video from @_annied125_. It shows a dad surprising his toddler daughter with her very own bouquet of flowers...and her reaction is so priceless. If this is the kind of daddy you have, you'll be pretty picky when it comes to boyfriends. 


"He's at it again. Her face though, such a daddy’s girl!" wrote the mom, clearly loving their dynamic. It's so cute how she's just sort of lying on the couch, not necessarily thinking about anything, maybe a little sleepy...then daddy shows up with flowers! The change on her face is so incredibly sweet. 

Commenters were so into the idea of giving little ones flowers.
"Did this for my little one on valentines days. Everyone deserves flowers."
"This!! Is how !!!! Fathers should treat their daughters ah my goodness his is everything"
"My dad got dressed in 3 piece suit and bowler hat to take his eldest granddaughter to lunch"
"Setting the bar right where it should be"
"The response is priceless"
"Setting the standard high papa, our boys are in trouble"
"this reminds me of how my dad used to bring me home little boxes of rosebud chocolates cuz I was his little rosebud"

All of these gestures are so super sweet. And this is such a good reminder that our little ones really do appreciate the things we do.