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Twin Girls Waiting for Daddy to Come Home Is Every Girl Dad's Dream

These are Daddy's girls.

It's so cute when our kids get excited to see us when we come home. There's nothing lovelier than seeing their sweet faces and knowing that they're happy to see you. But what we don't get to see is the part when they're waiting for us to get there. What do they do while they're waiting? 

This adorable video from @thewilliamsonfam of twin girls waiting for their dad shows exactly what happens while little ones wait for us to come home. And if you thought they were excited before, wait until you see what leads up to that big moment.


Aww, they were so excited for so long waiting for daddy! So much anticipation. And don't forget about big brother ("BASTIAN!!!"). It's so funny how you can turn waiting into an actual event unto itself when kids are small. They're dancing around, they're thinking, they're wondering, they're looking...where's daddy??

Commenters couldn't get over how cute these girls are, especially their little voices.
"their little hmm’s"
"Waiting on dad but then ‘Baaastian!!’ That’s so sweet!!"
"beautiful angels. dad should be so proud"
"Bash so happy to see his momma"
"Honestly this is all I want, I can’t believe so many young men think being a player is the goal."
"The hmmm in unison just took me out…baby fever is that you"
"“Hmmmm?” They like he running a little behind ain’t he"

Now, these girls love waiting for their daddy...someday, it'll be their daddy waiting on his twin girls to come home. He might dance around too!