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Daughter Gives Dad the Sweetest Tie to Wear On Her Wedding Day

And it looks like he loves it...

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Sometimes, it can be tough to shop for dads. That's why every Father's Day the stores fill up with all things barbecue, golf, and beer. (Hopefully the dad in your family likes that stuff, because those are the options!) Another classic "dad gift" option: the humble necktie. At first, it seems like the tie in this video from @05kidsmommy is just like any other old tie. Gifted to her dad to be worn on her wedding day, she hands it to him in a plastic bag. Just a regular old necktie, right? Except this one has one very special feature. 


So sweet and thoughtful. The best weddings are made up of lots of little, meaningful gestures like this one, and her dad will forever have the memories of both walking his little girl down the aisle and cradling her as a baby. Although chances are he'll never wear that tie again (it's just too special). Let it never be said again that a tie can't be a memorable gift!