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This Toddler's Adorable Accent Makes Her Excitement Over Her New Puppy Even Better

Who's cuter: the toddler or the puppy?

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For the animal loving kids out there, we'd be hard pressed to find them a better gift than a pet of their own. Unfortunately, adopting a dog or a cat isn't always in the cards for some of us, but there truly is nothing like seeing a bond grow between a little one and their pet.

Don't believe us? Just check out the joy that this little girl on TikTok is getting from her new puppy (and yes, her British accent absolutely makes the video all the more adorable). And from what we can see, it seems like the love is definitely mutual between these two.


"Look what I got! It's a new puppy!" the little girl can gleefully be heard proclaiming at the start of the video as her puppy squirms around and licks her face.

The rest of the video is focused on her trying to get the puppy to calm down, and, well... you'll just have to watch to see how well that turns out. Between the little girl's excitement and how happy her puppy is to have found a home, the happiness is practically popping off of the screen.

"Great I need to move to Europe now so my toddler can have an accent this adorable," one mom commented. Well, we can't say we haven't considered it... 

It's going to be so much fun for this little one and her dog to grow up together. They're in for years of adventure, and this is only the beginning.