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Mom Teaches Toddler How To Arrange Flowers For An Important Reason

They are learning so much more than flowers.

The list of things we want to teach our toddlers is a pretty long one — after all, they're blank slates! We want them to learn how to play games, how to sweep with their toy broom, how to eat independently without making a mess (if only), but one mom on TikTok is showing us the importance of little ones learning a totally unexpected skill: Flower arranging.

Of course, many adults don't know how to arrange flowers, beyond transferring them from a bouquet to a vase full of water, so it's not something we think of teaching our tots. But seeing this simplified version using a Montessori approach, we may have officially added this skill to the list of things we want our youngest kids to master. 


In the video, we see a toddler learning how to pick flowers and put water in a vase before he puts the flowers in — the whole process, from start to finish. And it actually looks like a lot of fun! 

Yes, it gets a little messy, but like Mom wrote in the caption, that just makes it the kind of activity that leads into the next activity — and really, cleaning up a little spilled water is NBD when you're used to regular toddler messes in the house.

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"It's a multi-step activity that involves water, builds fine motor skills, and is likely to lead to the next activity," the mom explained, sharing a clip of her son cleaning up the water he spilled.

This looks like something worth trying next time we feel the urge to take on a new activity.

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