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Grandma Tries to Take Newborn from Big Brother But He’s Having None of That

That’s HIS baby.

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Worry as we might about fighting, sibling rivalry, and the challenges that come with adding another child to the family, sometimes, it just works out. Plenty of kids are very excited to be a big brother or a big sister and take their new role seriously. And in some cases, they take it a little too seriously.

For example: This little boy, who refused to let his Grandma get her time in with her newest grandchild. In a TikTok video shared by his mom, the toddler was so happy to hold his newborn baby sis for the first time that he wasn't giving her up for anyone, grandparents included. 

In the video, the little boy is sitting on the couch with his baby sister in his lap, and then, his grandma tried to take her from him so that she could have a turn cuddling her new granddaughter. But instead of handing her over, he simply said, "no, no, no," and pushed her away. He cuddled his sister closely, telling Grandma no until she finally gave up. 

Mom did confirm in her caption that this was his first time holding her, so we can see why he wasn't ready to let someone else have a turn yet! 

Plenty of commenters had to take the big brother's side on this one. "They were chillin' so hard there was no reason to end that," one person wrote. 

Hopefully, Grandma did eventually get to hold her granddaughter... but we really can't blame this new big brother for not wanting to give her up. After all, there really is nothing in the world like newborn cuddles.