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Parents "Call the Police" On Daughter For Biting Sister and Her Reaction Is Too Cute

She definitely won't bite again.

Sometimes, parents need the help of an outside authority. It doesn't have to be a real person...think Santa Claus, or even a teacher...anybody your child has been taught to respect and/or fear. These people can be invoked as disciplinary measures: "Santa is watching!" "What would your teacher say if she could see you doing that?" In the case of one little girl who bit her sister, her parents turned to an even more intimidating force: The "police." 

In this video of @crazycalliscrew, her parents make it sound like they've called the police on their phone over the biting of the little girl's sister. One thing is very clear: She does not want to go to jail. 


So sweet! Chances are her days of misbehaving are behind her for good, knowing the long arm of the law is just a phone call away. Well, eventually somebody will probably tell her that children don't get arrested and go to jail for biting their siblings, and then the jig will be up. But it's safe to say she'll be on the straight and narrow for some time now. 

Commenters weren't so sure she wouldn't be going back to biting before long, because of that slightly mischievous face. But they still thought this little criminal was adorable...
"That look she gave when she knew she wasnt going!!!"
"Nah she’s going to do it again , look at that little smirk after she said ok"
"Good one,”I don’t want to go to jail, I’m sorry”! She is so freaking ADORABLE!"
"You just send that baby to her new Auntie EJ and I’ll keep her safe from the Poe Poe. She’s adorable"
"She put on her best customer service voice for that call"

Of course, this is the kind of trick you can't pull out too often or it loses meaning, so this toddler's family probably shouldn't threaten arrest for smaller indiscretions. But we'll just have to see how long it takes her to bite again.