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Here’s a Genius Way to Teach Toddlers How to Properly Wipe

We love how it makes it almost fun!

Potty training is one of those adventures in toddlerdom where the challenges just keep on coming. As if it's not hard enough to convince our kids to use the potty in the first place, there are several other factors we have to take into account... like making sure they're cleaning themselves properly after they go. If you thought potty training meant your butt wiping days would be over, think again! 

But if you're struggling with wiping, there's good news: One mom on TikTok is sharing how she taught her toddler how to wipe, and it sounds like it might work for a lot of kids out there who are still learning.


This mom (who also happens to be a potty training consultant) starts out by handing her child a flat wipe — not folded or wadded up — and teaches them to wipe, fold the wipe, and wipe again, repeating the process until there's nothing left on the wipe. To demonstrate the technique to kids, she even blew up two balloons attached to the back of her chair to act as a butt, showing them how to wipe between them.

This makes sense, since it can be hard to figure out how to explain wiping to our kids in terms they'll understand. Those balloons are silly, but they do help! And when we're down to the very bottom of our patience while potty training, we're willing to try anything.

Good luck out there, potty training parents. They will get the hang of it eventually!