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Toddler Boy Decides To Get His Baby Doll a New Outfit As a Treat For Scoring a Goal and Mom Dunks On the Haters

“I’m parenting,” he proudly exclaimed.

Given that we now live in 2022, most of us would assume that people wouldn't be scandalized by children playing with toys in a gender neutral way. Girls can like cars, and boys can like dolls — what's the big deal about that? Toys are for everyone, after all, and all kids' imaginations can be enriched by using a wider variety of them when they play. 

There's at least one mom out there who gets it, and it seems like her little boy is benefiting big time for this. In a video she shared on TikTok, her son wanted a new outfit for his baby doll as a reward for scoring a goal in soccer, and seeing his joy is too adorable.


In the video, we can see Mom helping her son pick out the outfit he wants for his doll (with a real baby of her own strapped to her chest) in the baby section of the store before they head to the toy aisle to pick out some accessories like toy baby bottles.

"POV: Your son scored in his soccer game and requested to go shopping for his baby doll to celebrate because gender roles are fake and he can 'play rough like a boy' but also be gentle and nurturing," she wrote, shutting down the haters before they could even make a rude remark. 

The best part of the video is the end, where we can see the baby strapped to her little boy's chest in a sling like the one his mom is wearing. He looks so proud! 

"I'm parenting! I'm a great dad and I'm parenting!" he says while he walks through the store.

Good for this little guy — and his mama. He's going to be a great dad someday!