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Toddler Greets Her Big Brother After His First Day of Kindergarten & Her Reaction Is Adorable

Somebody was very missed!

Imagine that every single day of your little life, there was another little person by your side. He was there when you were sad, there when you were scared. He helped you learn to crawl and stack blocks. And then, all of a sudden, one day it's time for this constant companion of yours to go to school. Why can't you go too? Or why can't your brother stay with you forever? These are the emotions the adorable little toddler girl in @ruralandgrace's video. "When you've never spent a day of your life without your brother and then he goes to kindergarten," reads the caption. 


Awww. The way she just climbs up on him like a little monkey and holds on for dear life! Or perhaps even sweeter, the way the little boy just scoops her up without question and carries her away. He probably missed his little sister, too. "The way she full body wrapped around him and he just went with it hahaha I love them," wrote one commenter. That's what the best big brothers do. They just go with it!

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