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Toddler Brother’s Reaction to Big Sister Coming Home From School Is Heart-Melting

May we all have someone to greet us so happily.

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We all know that there are hundred of tropes surrounding sibling bonds. One second they are playing quietly on the floor together and then the next it’s a WWE match right in the middle of the living room. That doesn’t mean our little ones don’t have a lot of love for eachother. In fact, underneath all of the bickering and fighting, there is a deep bond that even sibling rivalry doesn’t override.

And sometimes we are lucky enough to witness it firsthand. One family caught a truly tender moment between a boy and his big sister. 


As the schoolbus rounds the corner, the little boy begins getting super excited on the porch, clapping his hands and jumping around at the though of what’s coming. Once the bus stops and lets the little girl out, it’s a total overflow of joyful screams that his big sister is finally home. Excuse us as we melt into a puddle on the floor.

Obviously we aren’t the only ones who were totally won over by this adorable duo.

“I hope she loves him back twice as much,” wrote one user. 

While others noted how important these moments are for her too,

“She will always remember these greetings,” added another.

While we aren’t convinced this will last into the teen years, we still think this is mighty special, and are hopeful that these guys will always stay close.