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Little Girl Is Not That Bothered by "Bug" Bite

Was it a "bug" bite, though?

You never know which things that happen in the course of a toddler's day are going to make an impression on them, and which things they're just going to kind of forget about. You might assume, for example, that getting stung by a bee at school would be the first thing a toddler would come running home to talk about. But like the toddler in this video from @themcfam, sometimes they seem to forget about the details of things pretty quickly. 

With a little prodding, though, she started to remember what happened. A bug bit her? Yeah? (But is that what happened?)

It ant! In the boot! Yeah! The thing that really seemed to stick with her is that she got to get an ice pack. Which is pretty special. And hopefully, if the bee really did sting her in the boot, her shoe kind of worked as a barrier so the sting wasn't so bad. But it's really hard to say with the amount of details we're getting from this little girl. 

Commenters were totally enchanted with this little cutie:
"LOL the “i don’t know” before every answer"
"I’m obsessed with her 'yes it did'"
"Lol she handling it better than me in my grown age. I’ll be down for the rest of the day"
"She said “yeah” like… CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!"
"The enthusiasm about being stung. “IT.WAS.AN.ANT!”all happy"
"I’m not sure but I think she doesn’t know."

That little voice is just too much. It would be 100 percent entertaining to listen to this little girl talk about literally anything in the darling voice. She might not be totally sure what happened to her, but that doesn't matter. She seems pretty okay about it.