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Parents Gift Toddler a Camera and His Photos Are Actually Adorable

It’s so cool to have a view into his world from his perspective.

Kids usually want to do what the grown ups around them are doing, so if you're a parent who's constantly taking pictures to document your child's life, there's a good chance that they're going to want to do the same thing. And while most toddlers don't have much experience with anything other than taking super close up selfies, some might surprise you with their skill.

Mom and travel blogger Lauren Tyson decided to see what her 2-year-old could do with a camera, and boy, was it worth it. As she explained in her video, he asked for a camera for Christmas "so he could be a photographer too," and now, she's sharing his photos with the world on TikTok.


Surprisingly enough, the pictures aren't half bad, but what's really cool about them is that they show the way he views the world from his perspective. Toddlers are (obviously) a lot smaller than adults are, and seeing what he sees while he was out and about in the woods with his family is neat! 

Apparently, this is something that has really stuck with him. 18 months have passed since he took those first photos, and he's still going — according to Mom, he's even been given a more professional camera to use since then! 

Good for Mom and Dad for fostering this little one's love of photography. It's never too easy to help your kid try out a new hobby!