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Uncle Captures Toddler Niece’s Sick Dance Moves While Jamming Out In the Car

Baby girl has got rhythm!

When our kids are babies, it's so much fun watching them discover music and seeing them dance for the first time. If you're still in that stage, we've got some good news for you: It only gets better from here, especially once they manage to find their rhythm. Toddler dancing is the best! 

If you need an example for proof (or just something to brighten your day up a bit), this video ought to do it! One uncle took to TikTok to share a video of his niece dancing in the car, and her energy is totally contagious. She's got the moves! 


"The way my niece nailed the beat scares the absolute sh-t out of me," this proud uncle wrote, later joking in his caption, "My brother is in for a rude awakening in 16 years." 

To be fair, he's not wrong — it took her no time at all to close her eyes and just go with it, and she was right on the beat the entire time. And seeing that smile on her face while she's dancing makes us want to dance, too! 

Thousands of people rushed to the comments to compliment this little girl's style (and after watching the video, how could they not?). 

"Girl already running underground raves at daycare... it shows. Her vibe is everything!" one person wrote.

We'd have to agree. We hope this little one always dances like this!