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Toddler Has Heart-Melting Reaction to “Catching” Parents Goofing Around

We think she just formed a core memory.

Kids are often reluctant to go to bed because they're worried that they're going to miss out on all the fun, and sometimes they're right. After all, as parents, this is our time to watch the TV shows we want to watch and just generally hang out kid-free. We don't get a lot of hours like that in the day! 

But when one little girl (who was supposed to be sleeping) caught her parents trying to do a TikTok trend, she got a peek at what happens after bedtime, and it resulted in the most adorable moment ever. There's no way she's not going to remember this forever! 


Mom and Dad were trying to master a dance from the app, but they didn't know until they watched the video back that their daughter was watching them from the top of the stairs. She was supposed to be in bed, but instead, she seemed totally enchanted by seeing her parents have fun when they thought no one was watching.

"Imagine watching your parents play together instead of argue when they think you’re asleep. This is beautiful," one person commented.

"Even if she forgets seeing this specific night she’ll always remember her parents genuinely love each other," another person added. 

Something tells us this is going to be a major formative memory for her. What an awesome example Mom and Dad are setting for her to find her future partner someday.