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Toddler Gets Caught Climbing and Her Reaction Is Hilarious

Nobody was supposed to see that.

There are all sorts of things that toddlers love to do, as they're learning new skills every day. And if it were up to them, they would learn this stuff on their own, with as little parental intervention as possible. What if they fall down? Eat something poisonous? Get electrocuted? Nah, they'll be fine. 

That's the attitude of the toddler in this video from @megan.mailloux. She's got a good little climb going there...until mom catches her with those dreaded words: "What are you doing?"

Her reaction is priceless.


Omg. If that toddler could speak words, it would be something along the lines of "leave me alone can't you see I'm busy climbing? SHEESH!!!" Toddlers. They still totally need you, like all the time, but they're so convinced that they're completely independent, and they get so upset when you remind them that's not actually true. Where was this toddler climbing? Didn't look like too epic of a height, but still...from mom's tone of voice, it sounds like she was not supposed to be climbing there. 

Commenters were highly amused by this baby's spunk.
"When in doubt.. scream/ sorta cty"
"Her response was amazing."
"Hear me roar! I am baby woman"
"The Godzilla scream"
"That was a battle cry"
"Me when I’m caught on Amazon at 3am"
"Baby girl said « Mind ya business mama!"

This little one has places to go, people to see. Maybe if she screams loud enough at mom, she'll distract her and then she can climb away? It's tough to say what her end game was here, or if she had one. But the good news is, now that mom is there, she can't fall down. (Sorry, kid.)