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Watch 2-Year-Old Who Has Been Going to Big Sis's Cheer Practices Nail the Whole Routine

He's got it down!

If one thing is true about siblings, it's that little ones always try to mimic the big ones. Whether by outright copying or just being inspired to follow in their footsteps, there's no question that big brothers and sisters have a huge influence on their little siblings.

As proof, we have this adorable video from @arodsquad. It shows a toddler at a high school football game standing on the field with the teenage cheerleaders, swishing his own pair of sparkly pom poms in tune with all the real cheerleaders. 
"When you're 2 but you have watched too many cheer practices in the living room," wrote his mom. And this kid totally nails the routine!

Impressive, right? He's been watching big sis pretty closely during those living room practice sessions. And he's got school spirit in spades, too! Clearly the squad needs a new, very tiny, member. 

Commenters naturally thought he was too cute...
"i need this in my life, please more of these"
"omg! he knows the moves. even the little pom shake and jump!"
"I honestly think this is the cutest thing I've ever seen."
"Yes yes get him at the top of the pyramid because he needs to be the star"
"his rhythm is so good"
"He’s actually on point with the choreo"
"It’s amazing how toddlers can memorize many things quickly! I’m 36 now and have to make notes to myself to remember yet I forget to look at my notes"

In the comments, we also learn that while the other cheerleaders were impressed that he knew the routine, the principal eventually made the cheer coach remove him from the field and the toddler was super bummed about it. But don't worry, little dude! You clearly have a bright future in cheer ahead.