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Toddler Makes the Sweetest Comments About Mom's Pregnancy Loss While Playing Doctor

Kids understand more than we think.

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Losing a pregnancy is never easy, but experiencing a loss while also caring for another child comes with the unique challenge of having to explain that loss to your older kid. If you've already told them they're going to be a big brother or sister, it can be hard (and heartbreaking) to tell them it's not happening, but they usually understand better than we think. 

Case in point: This little girl, who was especially sensitive to her mom's feelings while they were playing doctor. In a video that Mom shared on Instagram, the little girl points out that her mom has a baby in her belly before she remembers that the baby isn't there anymore.

Ugh — our hearts go out to both of them as we watch this moment, as sweet as it is.


In the video, Mom gently reminded her daughter that the baby in her tummy had gone to heaven, and her daughter quickly says, "I'm so sad." It's so hard to hear that she feels that way, but good for Mom for creating an environment where she feels comfortable enough to voice those sad feelings. 

The little girl also has hope, though — she reassured her mom that there will be another baby someday. So sweet! 

So many people were touched by this video. "Her sensitivity is a testament to your parenting. Good job Momma. You deserve all the recognition in the world," one person commented. 

This little lady will make a great, sensitive big sister someday. Mom's doing a great job!