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Dad’s Adorable Trick To Get Son To Independently Eat Has Us Cracking Up

This is just too cute.

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As parents, we've all tried some crazy things to get our kids to eat — especially when they're toddlers with very strong opinions about the menu. But as it turns out, dinner time could have been much easier all along, if we had just known the trick this dad is using! 

In a seriously cute video shared on TikTok, we see a dad at the table with his dinner next to his toddler, who is seated in his high chair with what looks like the same food. And miraculously enough, the little boy is actually using his spoon and eating his meal, tear-free — all because of his dad's unique approach.


As it turns out, pretending to be the strongest man alive while eating your dinner can both crack up your kid (and your audience) while encouraging him to copy you and, in the process, eat his meal. Who knew?! 

If you need a different reason to watch this video, let it be baby giggles. Seriously — he's too adorable (and so impressed by his dad). So far, a lot of people seem to be getting a kick out of it, and the video now has more than 11,000 likes. 

"Fast forward to his first time taking someone out on a dinner date," one user joked. Yeah, that's something we'd like to see. 

Next time we find ourselves engaged in a meal time power struggle, we might have to try this trick. Hey, whatever works!