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Mom Discovers Dad Snoring When He Was Supposed To Be Watching Their Toddler

He was caught red handed.

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Part of being a toddler parent is the exhaustion. Even when they're sleeping through the night, your days are filled with chasing a tiny human around who has zero self preservation... so if we, as parents, accidentally end up falling asleep when we didn't mean to, it's totally understandable.

However, in the case of this one dad on TikTok, it sure does seem pretty intentional! A mom shared a video on the app to show what happened when she went to check on her husband, who was playing with their kid. Or so she thought...


"My daughter and husband were playing in her room," Mom explained, sharing footage of what she found when she opened the door to check on them. Instead of both of them playing, her daughter was playing and her husband was in her bed, sound asleep... eye mask and all. And yes, there was snoring involved. 

Apparently, the eye mask was his daughter's idea, but actually falling asleep was all on Dad! Fortunately, Mom had a good sense of humor about the whole thing (and Dad obviously got in a little nap that he desperately needed). 

And on top of everything else, the little girl, named Marlowe, had the best reaction to her dad falling asleep on her! 

This dad might be onto something. How can we trick our kids into playing a game where they sing us lullabies and put us to sleep?