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Toddler Girl's Dance Moves Are Fire

She's seriously talented.

Never underestimate a toddler's ability to learn something. Especially something that might be slightly challenging for you. That young mind is like a sponge...even for learning things like dance choreography for a TikTok video. The little girl in this video from @whotfelseistanah is only 2-years-old, but she's already picking up the dance moves being taught to her with seemingly no problem. She's totally got the beat, she's feeling the music, she's a dancing machine!


So impressive! You can tell she's really concentrating and being very careful to get each move right, but she's not stiff or anything at all. It takes some people years to master that ability (if they ever do at all). Some people are just born dancers, it appears, because this little girl is probably never going to feel awkward at a dance or in a club later in life. Not with this auspicious beginning. Commenters couldn't believe such pro-level dancing was coming from such a little girl.
"She's such a focused learner, it's really impressive for such a tiny babe. Go girl go!" "imagine this is her popstar origin story"
 "So good!!!!! She’s picking it up so quick! Love watching the wheels turn!" 
"the fact that she hit every move"
It's true, teaching kids dance moves is a super fun way to work on motor skills, following directions, rhythm, counting...this little girl is actually learning a lot more than just a sassy little dance. Here's hoping this tot keeps on dancing!