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Toddler's "Dance" Party Could Use Some More Dancers

She doesn't even need music.

Some toddlers are such dancing fools they don't need partners or music or anything else to have a full on dance party. Take the adorable little girl in this video from @laurahfritz

There are no tunes playing, no other kids around (well, except her baby brother in his seat who can't even walk yet), but she still has everything she needs for a dance party...a whole bunch of stuffed animals and a crown.


Those are some moves! Nothing can stop this little girl from her true mission in life...dancing. Even if the relative stillness of her stuffed animals does make the whole thing fairly hilarious. It's all about those amazing toddler imaginations...with just the simplest of materials, little kids can turn anything into a dream scenario. 

Commenters were highly amused with this big sister's dancing skills:
"The way her foot makes the noise on the floor when she twirls"
"This is one of those silent dance parties that everyone talks about now"
"When they say toddlers are like tiny drunk people they are not wrong"
"idk why i thought she was going to make them race"
"why can’t i have this much fun at parties"
"I can’t wait to see her reaction when Sam actually dances one day"
"Whenever I need a laugh I go bck to this video the silence when she dances nd the sound of her feet makes me laugh"

Toddlers love nothing more than to be watched while they perform in some capacity or another. Sometimes it's a song, sometimes it's a trick, sometimes it's an epic dance number featuring a bunch of unwilling stuffed animals. The important part is that somebody is watching.