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Mom’s Rant About How ‘Smaller the Kid, Bigger the Death Wish’ Is Just Too Real

Mom’s theory about young kids being daredevils feels 100% true.

There are a lot of challenging things about raising toddlers, but one of the big ones is the fact that they have absolutely zero self-preservation skills. For some, the more dangerous, the better — it's like they're constantly looking for ways to get hurt every single time our backs are turned, and as moms, this can get really exhausting. 

Basically, if you feel like your young children are total daredevils, don't worry — you're not the only one! And as one mom on TikTok has explained, it seems like the smaller they are, the more they're actively trying to get hurt.


In a rant that begins with the very true statement, "the smaller the kid, the bigger the death wish," this mama went off in a way that we feel down to our very bones.

"My oldest is scared of everything. She can't stand on her tippy toes because she's scared of heights, and she ain't even done growing," Mom said. "The three year old does aerial tricks off the f---ing couch and she never sticks the landing." 

Even her youngest wasn't afraid to jump off of the top bunk and hit her head on the ceiling and then proceeded to flip off of the bed rail onto the bottom bunk... and even Mom had to admit she was impressed. 

We've all been there — somehow, even while keeping both eyes on our child, they can manage to hurt themselves. They're just that fast!

Sigh. At least we know as they get older, they might have a little healthy fear in them... but until then, godspeed, fellow toddler parents.