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What This 1-Year-Old Eats In a Day Might Surprise You

Quite a variety

Kids are funny. Some toddlers are grazers who just snack all day, a handful of grapes  here, a handful of goldfish there. Other toddlers are super picky and turn their noses up at everything except one flavor of yogurt and one kind of puff. Or they could be like the one-year-old in this video from @madelynbland

From the moment this kid wakes up, he is ready for a day full of three balanced meals and a couple of snacks to round it out, not to mention plenty of milk and water. And this guy eats it all, too: Eggs, chicken, green beans, corn (and some cheese puffs for good measure). 


Pretty amazing, right? If you have a picky eater, you're probably like...what even in the actual...? Babies can eat like this? Well, they can. That doesn't mean they will, but they can. Who's to say, also, if this baby will continue to have such a varied palate; sometimes they start out that way and then a picky phase hits from out of nowhere. But let's be hopeful!

Commenters had a variety of reactions, depending on the way their own kids eat. 
"I love how realistic this is! Like my son gets so much variety of foods but sometimes it’s just a ravioli kinda day"
"Cool, my kid refuses to eat anything besides French fries and m&m’s."
"my 22 mo son doesn't eat this well"
"my son is 2 and he refuses to eat like this. its fruits all day, he has slowly starting to eat bread. spaghetti o’s is his lunch staple."
"How?! My almost 2 year old son is so picky! He hardly wants to eat full meals just snacks. I’ve tried eggs and he hates the texture!"

Seems like not so many kids are such great eaters, right? But at least videos like this one are inspirational. And give lots of ideas for healthy snacks!