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Dad Learns Even From a Young Age Women Don’t Know What They Want to Eat

Honestly girl, I feel you.

It's a stereotype for a reason: Girls have a tough time figuring out what they want to eat. It's not our fault. Our cravings are always changing, our bodies are complex miracles in constant need of different are we supposed to know what we want to eat off the tops of our heads? 

In this video from @charliegeter, we see a father having a frustrating conversation about food with his little girl. She's clearly hungry...probably a little too hungry...but does she have any idea what she wants to eat? Not the slightest.


It's great how she seems almost offended that her father thinks she should know what she wants to eat. How exactly is she supposed to know what she's in the mood for? That's a ridiculously hard question, dad. He's going to have to summon some extra reserves of patience to deal with this one. 

Commenters were totally like yup, and so it begins...
"if you were interested you would know your self"
"She starting off young"
"she speaks " woman " already. so adorable"
"We are born hangry. It’s a right of passage."
"'I don’t want to tell u' ahhhhh"
"I love how she’s a grown adult, but she’s also just a baby!"
"Sir! Sir! We cant brain when hungry! Whats with all the questions? Why the torture"
"this is every girl at every stage of life 100%"
"you should always know what she wants. even if her mind changes"

Exactly, dad. You should always know what she wants. Even if she changes her mind. For the rest of her life! That's just part of your job.