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Toddler’s Emotional Reaction To Singing Is So Sweet

She's 100% in tune with her feelings.

Feelings are a big deal to all of us, but for a toddler, they can certainly be overwhelming. What else do you think triggers so many tantrums?! As parents, it's our job to help them through it as best we can so they can grow and figure out how to manage them, too... but, as with any milestone, some kiddos are just ahead of the curve.

Example: This little girl, who embraces her feelings at just four years old — even the ones that might not be so fun to deal with. Her mom shared a video of her on TikTok, and seeing how her perspective on her own emotions is really something special. 


Her mom wrote that her daughter makes up her own songs, and they're often enough to make her cry. When she asked her why on camera, she had an explanation ready to go. 

"All my songs are, like, emotional. It just makes me get it out!" she said.

Fair enough — and we have a feeling even professional singers out there (Adele comes to mind) would have to agree with her on that.

There are plenty of adults who probably haven't learned yet that it's important to get their emotions out without always holding them in, so this little girl is already wise beyond her years. Hopefully, this is something she'll always follow!