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This Toddler “Entryway” Could Make Mornings Easier to Deal With

It’s a Montessori specialty.

If you have or have ever had a toddler, then you know how long and arduous the task of getting them out the door can be. First, there's figuring out what kind of outfit the weather calls for, then there's picking out the clothes, then there's convincing your toddler to wear those can be a process. But there are lots of ways to streamline that process, and one of them is a Montessori-inspired toddler entryway.

In this video from @kay.n.zee, we see how a dad took a regular cube shelf and turned it into an awesome toddler entryway with a spot for clothes, a jacket, shoes, and even a day-of-the-week wheel. It's pretty genius.


So cute and helpful! And to think, it just started as a regular old cube shelf. So clever. Montessori is all about helping kids to be as independent as possible, and that's just what this entryway does. Everything is at a level where the toddler can reach it all by themselves, They might need some help putting the stuff on, but they can at least try to do it all by themselves, and they feel like they're picing out their outfit for the day. 

Commenters were totally inspired. 
"OMG YES YES YES !!!! I’ve been wanting to do something like that !!!"
"Oh this is realllly nice!"
"I love this thank you for sharing !!! Off to try and build now lol"

A total success! And the dad said he got the original cube shelf from marketplace for $10! That's some Montessori thinking right there.