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Toddler Delivers Funny Message at 5 in the Morning

Very important info.

When you're the parent of a toddler, you kind of get used to your sleep being interrupted at all hours of the night for no good reason. Oh, there's usually a reason, just not a good one: A drink of water, a trip to the potty, a scary dream, a funny dream, a random question about the far as a toddler is concerned, these are all valid needs that require immediate attention, no matter how late the hour or how asleep mommy and daddy happen to be.

In this video from @thesekidsofours, a toddler wakes up to tell his daddy at 5 a.m.. to tell him something very, very important. Something that couldn't wait until after the sun came up. It's got to be something about a nightmare, right?  Nope...


Oh, aha! He farted. Well, that is big news. Good thing you woke daddy up to tell him, little one. There's definitely no way he could have lived without that information for another couple of hours. 

Commenters found this video all too relatable...
"I farted was very important information"
"my son woke me up and said 'everyone's sleeping'"
"I will take that over “ I frowed up” any day"
"I mean that was essential information"
"A wind breaking moment"
"Maybe it’s a sign that gas is going up"
"OK, so either she was already awake or it was so powerful it blew her blankie off!!"
"Your caption says they couldn’t wait till morning, TECHNICALLY, it was morning…"

At the end of the day, there are a lot of things that would be way worse to hear from a toddler at 5 a.m. than "I farted." Even if it really, really could've waited.