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3-Year-Old Proves Understanding and Respecting Gender Identities Isn’t Hard

Being loving, kind, and accepting is not a hard concept.

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Too many adults out there think that certain concepts — especially those around gender and sexuality — are too complicated for young children to understand, but as it turns out, a lot of kids out there are wise beyond their years (and totally able to understand the idea that love is love on a basic level). 

One parent is out to prove that this is true by interviewing their three year old son, Natan. In a video that's become super popular on TikTok, Ray, a trans and polyamorous person, talked to their child about pronouns, his three parents, and all kinds of relationships — and Natan totally gets it. It's no big deal to him!


Natan went on to affirm that he knows girls can love girls and boys can love boys, and that he knows his parents love each other and him — and honestly, that's the most important message here.

People practically lined up to congratulate them on parenting done right. 

"As a young person who is Nonbinary, Poly, and Pan, this just made my day. You are an amazing role model for your child," one person commented.

Even if you think discussing gender identity with young kids can be hard, this video is proof that it doesn't have to be. It's easy for kids to understand love — adults are the ones who make things complicated.